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Hi all,

Our collection for this month is Dragons of the Immortal Flame – an army of radiant, lawful good yet ruthless dragons & dragonborn that form the Drakkari Ascendancy.

Empire of the Dragon

The adventure for ‘Dragons of the Immortal Flame’ takes your players to the far-flung isles of Aavaros, an archipelago where the threat of war looms on the horizon. Here, the Drakkari Ascendancy have established a foothold. The Drakkari are a martial society that value discipline, honour, and prowess in battle. We wanted the Drakkari to feel like a military force, so the decision was made to make them an ancient, powerful empire with expansionist aims.



Ascension Through Fire

The Drakkari worship a cosmic force of illumination and truth they call the Immortal Flame, their distant dragon emperor having been transformed by its power in ancient times. While the empire is ruled by dragons and dragonborn, who staff its military and bureaucratic systems, most of its populace is human. The Immortal Flame, however, offers a way to rise above their station – citizens of the empire that demonstrate their courage, honour, and loyalty can earn the right to take the test of the fires, stepping into an aspect of the Immortal Flame.


The trial is an agonizing one, scorching supplicants to the bone and burning them to ash. If the fire judges them worthy, however, they are reborn, stepping from the flames as a Drakkari. Should they be found wanting, they remain as only ash. The Drakkari themselves can undertake these trials, though do so more rarely, and emerge as much larger, winged versions of themselves, their claws sharper, scales thicker, and fiery breath hotter than ever before. These creatures are known as Ascendants, and they fill many of the highest ranks of the Ascendancy.





Radiant Dragons

The Drakkari don’t stop there. There is one last height of majesty and power they can climb to, should they demonstrate their virtues well enough. The Ascendancy is ruled by dragons, and into dragonhood its citizens can eventually ascend. Such instances are the stuff of legend to the Drakkari – hundreds of years can pass before the flame deems one of their number worthy enough to emerge as a true dragon. Those that do are covered in thick, platinum-gold scales that gleam with the light of the sun, seeming as though formed from the flesh of their dragon emperor himself. They are Solar Dragons, the light of the Immortal Flame shining from within them.



Be Thee Worthy?

So, that’s the Drakkari in a nutshell. If you want to find out if your players can prove their worth before these servants of fire and emerge unscathed from their trials of ascension, the Dragons of the Immortal Flame are available to all members of the Mammoth Tribe until the end of March (at which point we’ll be ditching draconic wings and fire breath for… lots of leaves and spores).