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What is this Document:
This Document contains information regarding how to print our amazing models. It includes some basic printer settings and other useful information that both beginners and more advanced users may find helpful.

All STL come in 3 versions:

  • Pre-Supported ‘.STL’ (Basic, plug & print)
  • Pre-Supported ‘.LYS’ (Experienced)
  • UN-Supported ‘.STL’ (Do-it-yourself)

Cut-to-fit & Test Printed

  • Everything is cut to fit the original standard ‘Elegoo Mars’ build plate 120 x 68 x 155 mm
  • All models have been test-printed using: ‘Elegoo Mars 3’ & ‘ATLAS Vulcan Resin’.

Print Settings for Monochrome Screen Printers –  i.e Elegoo Mars 2 or newer

*Elegoo Saturn (Larger build-plate): Lifting Distance 8mm   **Work in Progress

Removing Supports

Our models are highly detailed, and there can be very delicate parts on some of the models like weapons, hair, etc. Please take your time removing supports. Removing them quickly may cause breakage. PRO-TIP: Soak the model in warm water for a few seconds before removing supports with clippers.