Astral Voyage: Complete Miniature Set & Adventure


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– Astral Voyage Adventure PDF
– 1x Core Mind (75mm base)
– 6x Gyth Corsairs (25mm base)
– 3x Gyth Adepts75 (25mm base)
– 6x Goon Loons (25mm base)
– 3x Thought-Eaters (25mm base)
– 1x Thought-Eater Overseer (50mm base)
– 1x Tyran Plesoplius VII (25mm base)
– 4x Voidspawn Beasts (50mm base)
– 1x Voidspawn Gargantua (100mm base)

Lost in the vastness of the Astral Sea, the characters are adrift with no memory of how or why they left the material realm. With no clear way home and surrounded on all sides by beings of eldritch evil, they have only one option if they wish to survive this hostile environment – to embark on a perilous Astral Voyage.