Mammoth Chronicles: Vol. 1-8 (5e Adventure Collection)



The Mammoth Chronicles are a set of eight short-arc 5e adventures spanning levels 4-11 that you can run as standalone side-quests or play sequentially as a sequence of epic challenges.

Each adventure contains extensive lore that can be unpacked by players or even expanded on by DMs, and is written so as to be easily integrated into an ongoing campaign. Together, they form a library of fantastical themes to pick and choose from, such as:

Curse of the Skinwalkers – Trapped in a remote roadside inn, the characters must fend off a horde of ravenous lycanthrope and solve the mystery of the creatures’ origins.

Infernal Forges – The characters must descend into the depths of the under-dark to assault a fortress-foundry and defeat the infernal giantkin that rule over it.

Void Stalkers – Catapulted across the planes, the characters must evade terrifying eldritch hunters while finding their way home.

Dragons of the Immortal Flame – To prevent the outbreak of war, the characters must infiltrate the domain of a powerful draconic empire.

The Sprawl – Tasked with investigating the disturbing activity of a vast magical forest and its denizens, the characters must trek into its depths and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to plunge the entire region into conflict.

Everdune – Stranded in the middle of a vast, inhospitable desert, the characters must struggle to survive against both the churning sands and the deadly elves that dwell there.

Temple of Time – The characters must fight and think their way through the challenges of an ancient time-looping dungeon.

Bloodlords of the Deep – Marooned on a distant, misted island, the characters must unravel a vampiric conspiracy if they are ever to escape.


Each Adventure includes:

High Quality Battlemaps.
VTT Tokens & Paper Minis.
Monster Lore & Statblocks.
!Assets via QR code/link inside PDF!

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