Mark of the Beast Adventure PDF




“From deep beneath the earth come the beastkin, savage mutants sculpted by ancient blood magics. Rampaging at the behest of a savage witch, these creatures have overrun an isolated mining town, stealing away its populace for their beastly rituals. The characters must venture into the heart of the herd, discover its secret masters, and foil their dark rites. Should the characters fail, untold scores of innocents will be mutilated and transformed by the Mark of the Beast…”

Mark of the Beast provides a Dungeon Master with everything they need to run this gritty adventure for characters of level 6. This story can be run as a unique stand-alone adventure or as Part II of Dark Descent, a six-part dark decent series.

5 gridded battle maps.
Paper Miniatures
VTT Tokens
43 page PDF
!Assets via QR code/link inside PDF!

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